Given the nature of the business, no general formula for exact pricing exists. We follow two general methods. Depending on whether A) you contract us or B) use our direct job-board, prices will differ.

A - You Contract One of Our In-house Translators

A-1)   Regardless of the original language, we work on a flat fee basis. Say your manuscript contains 80,000 words, we charge $ 0.XX per word. We make a global evaluation, complexity, timeline, etc and work out a deal with you. If we broker the deal, our contract will not stipulate that the hired translator receive a % royalties on the sales of the project in various formats: print books, ebooks, audio, etc. Though not the most economical path, this formula can turn out to be the most profitable in the long run. Especially if your book sells well.

A-2) We work for less than the anticipated formula here above. But as a compensation, we attached ourselves onto your project with an agreed-upon % commission royalties on all formats using of the translation we provided. In other word, you pay a lower flat fee for the translation upfront but add royalties on future sales.

B - You Hire Through Our Job-Board

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